TSM Integration

For integration purposes Blockdaemon offers a number of SDKs and plugins. In this section we provide core technical documentation to show how to work with our service.

Our TSM SDKs provide access to the full set of features on our TSM. Using the TSM SDKs it is easy for developers to integrate an application with the TSM. For example, the SDKs supports user management and other administrative operations, as well as cryptographic operations such as key creation and encryption and signing using the created keys.

The SDKs can be used in two different ways:

  1. A single SDK can control a full TSM with multiple MPC nodes. This way, the SDK abstracts away the fact that the TSM consists of many MPC nodes, and it lets the developer use the TSM as if it was a single service.
  2. You can connect to each MPC node using a separate SDK. This is useful if the MPC nodes are to be controlled by different organizations, or if one MPC node runs on a mobile device and another runs as a static server.

We provide the following SDKs:

Apart from the SDKs we provide the following plugins:

  • PKCS#11 plugin – We support a subset of the full PKCS#11 interface
  • AWS S3 plugin - A plugin for the AWS S3 SDKs for performing easy client-side encryption.
  • JCE - Java crypto provider integration for the TSM.
  • OpenID Connect - The TSM can be configured to use OpenID Connect (OIDC) to authenticate users. Currently we support at least Google, Microsoft, and Auth0.