Third-party attestations

Reviewing our solution is an continuous process. Here you can see the current status.


Protocol review

French experts in applied cryptography, CryptoExperts, has performed a third-party review of the cryptographic protocols underlying our MPC-friendly mode-of-operation for AES.


CryptoExperts conclusion

"The Blockdaemon KMaaS is a good solution to obtain strong security for cloud data with a distributed trust model. Its principal component, the VHSM, that can be seen as a virtual HSM, provides functionalities such as key generation, stream cipher operations and key export. It provably ensures availability and confidentiality of all information that are stored and processed, as long as the number of corrupted (fail-stop) servers does not exceed a security parameter."

Software review

Our software has been reviewed by NCC Group on multiple occasions, always with a positive outcome.

Planned attestations

  • FIPS 140-3