Blockdaemon offers a SDK that provides access to the full set of features of the Builder Vault TSM. Using the SDK it is easy for developers to integrate an application with the Builder Vault. The SDK supports cryptographic operations such as key creation, encryption and signing using the created keys as well as other administrative operations.

The SDK is available in Go, Java, Node.js and as a native library. You can also use the SDK on iOS (Swift) and Android.

The tutorials in this section assume that you already have access to a running instance of the Builder Vault with three MPC nodes:

MPC Node 1https://node1.tsm.sepior.netNODE1_API_KEY
MPC Node 2https://node2.tsm.sepior.netNODE2_API_KEY
MPC Node 3https://node3.tsm.sepior.netNODE3_API_KEY

To get access to a Builder Vault, you can follow one of the tutorials:

  • Local Deployment - Run the Builder Vault locally on your machine in Docker containers
  • Hosted Sandbox- Get access to a demo Builder Vault hosted by Blockdaemon
  • AWS Marketplace - Run a Builder Vault via Amazon AWS Marketplace

The actual URLs and API keys to use for the MPC nodes will depend on which of these tutorials you choose.