System Logging

MPC node system logging is configured in a separate log file.

It follows the same pattern as the main configuration file: When the MPC node starts up, it first attempts base64 decode the contents of the LOG_CONFIG_BASE64 environment variable. If this is not defined, it attempts to read the log configuration from the file specified in LOG_CONFIG_FILE.

If no logging is configured, the default configuration will be used, as shown here:

# Log level. If not specified it defaults to "info".
# Possible values are "panic", "fatal", "error", "warn", "warning", "info", "debug", "trace".
Level = "INFO"
# File path. If specified, the node will log to the file at path. Otherwise stdout is used.
FilePath = ""
# Report caller. If true, the log will show where the log call was made. Defaults to true.
ReportCaller = true