Troubleshooting Guide

This guide tries to help setting up a new TSM system. It is based on common problems that customers encounter when setting up the system. It is by no means an exhaustive list and will be extended in the future when new issues are identified.

General ProblemSymptomsDescription
Invalid public key for playerTSM log:
communication failed: TLS handshake failed: invalid public key for player
See the more detailed description in Invalid Public Key for Player.
Inter node communication problemsSDK error:
tsm operation failed ; node 0 returned 500: Internal Server Error\n sessionID=<SessionID>
TSM log:
endpoint error: an error occurred during key generation: timed out while creating channels sessionID=<SessionID>
endpoint error: an error occurred during key generation: EOF sessionID=<SessionID>
closing unclaimed channel for session id <SessionID>
See more detailed description in Inter Node Communication Problems.
Performance issues running mobile apps in XCodeWhen running with a mobile app in the XCode development environment. Seeing timeouts in communication, blocked user interface in the app or other slow performance issues.See more detailed description in XCode debug performance issues
Metadata disagreementTSM log:
error receiving handshake message from player <PlayerID> for session id <SessionID>: metadata disagreement with player <PlayerID>
See more detailed description in Metadata Disagreement