Adding the Blockdaemon JCE to your project.

To get version 3.1.0 of the JCE into your project, please add the Blockdaemon repository and JCE dependency to your pom.xml as shown below.


Remember to provide Nexus credentials e.g. in your .m2/settings.xml.

Configuration of the JCE is done with environment variables. One must be set for each node with the name TSMNODE{1,2,3} e.g:

TSM_NODE_1=https://user:[email protected]
TSM_NODE_2=https://user:[email protected]
TSM_NODE_3=https://user:[email protected]

where the format of the variables are:

https://<username>:<password>@<TSM node url>

If these environment variables are not set the provider will fail on initialization.

When these have been set you can instantiate the provider in your project.

final prov = new SepiorProvider();

The provider name can be retrieved using SepiorProvider.PROVIDER_NAME.