Release Notes

The TSM product has five versioned interfaces, each one with a semantic version number:

  • Node Configuration: This is the versioning of the configuration and deployment of an MPC node. If there are major changes to this interface configuration files need to be updated.
  • Node Communication: This is the versioning of how MPC nodes communicate. The MPC nodes that make up a TSM must have the same (major) version in this interface.
  • Client API: This is the actual SDK version. (Major) changes to this will require code changes.
  • Client Communication: This is the communication between the SDK and a node. A client embedding an SDK must have the same (major) version in this interface as the node(s) it controls.
  • Database. This is the versioning of the database schema. On changes existing data will have to be upgraded (which usually happens automatically).

The TSM and the corresponding SDKs have a single overall semantic version number. A bump in the version of any of the above interfaces will result in a similar bump in the overall version of the TSM.

The release notes for each individual release can be found here .

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