The MPC node can be configured to expose health information and various performance counters:

  Port = 10000  
  Prometheus = false

The default format of the exposed data is Golang's build-in expvar format. If Prometheus = true, the format will instead be readable by Prometheus.

The performance counters show, for each of the MPC protocols, the total number of keys and signatures generated with that protocol on the MPC node, for example:

  "SEPD19S.schnorrKeygen": 2,
  "SEPD19S.schnorrSign": 323652,
  "SEPD19S.schnorrSign.error": 21,
  "SEPH18S.ecdsaKeygen": 4,
  "SEPH18S.ecdsaSign": 332768,
  "SEPH18S.ecdsaSign.error": 18,

In this example, the MPC node has participated in 2 key generations and 323.652 successful signatures using the SEPD19S protocol. It also participated in 21 SEPD19S signature sessions that failed.